In October 1972. The Bowling of Liège opened its doors at the Boulevard of Avroy, in full centre of Liege.
In December 1972, a young frenchman, (†) Bernard Louiton took up his duties as assistant manager.

Under its impulse, a few months later, some players created a club, the ILB or Intercorporation Liégeoise de Bowling .

In the beginning, the club benefited from the presence of American companies and players to create an home competition, the ILB League, which always remains, more than 35 years after that, the spearhead of the Club.

The club immediately joined  the FSBB and took part in the Belgian Interteam as early as  the 1973-1974 season. It was the Interteam and the creation of the League which allowed the rise of the club. At that far-away time, there were few clubs, few bowling alleys and several federations. The oldest one was the UBCB (Belgian Union of Bowling Clubs), structure created by the bowling’s proprietors. Divergences of interest between different types of bowling alleys, as well as the success of Interteam of the FSBB quickly brought the degeneration of the UBSB which sparely lived only a few years in bowling alleys with string pinsetters, still numerous at the time. The players of these bowlings centers, attracted by the modern installations (for the time) of our club came to enlarge little by little the ranks of the ILB which became rather quickly one of largest club of the country.

By 1975, Bernard Louiton, benefiting from his contacts and supported by Roger Boes, the manager, and by Marcel Goffin, the first president of the Club, started to organize annual meetings with Lille and Joinville in France, then several international tournaments.

One of these tournaments was called the Prince de Liège Tournament. More than 30 years afterwards, you can always take part in it during the week ending on the first Sunday of October….

At the beginning of the Eighties, for reasons of right, the club changed his name, but its initials had become so known (the majority of the players were coming to the ILB, not to the Bowling de Liege), that it was decided to keep it. So, the International Liege Bowling was born.

In 1987, anticipating the closing of the Bowling of Seraing, the house club, The Edelweiss, decided to enlarge the ranks of the ILB.

In 1999, dark clouds dwelt too long on the Bowling of Liege. Its perenniality was not guaranteed any more! At this time, a new 14 lanes bowling was created in the suburbs of Liège by (†)Henri Coune. The Club’s General Meeting unanimously decided to leave bag and baggage after 27 years of presence in the Bowling de Liège for the Bowling Le Strike at Crisnée, along with George Pereira the excellent and grouchy mechanic of the Bowling of Liege.

Ever since, the Prince de Liège Tournament joined 5 other organizations to create the Super6, the Belgian Tour of Bowling tournaments.

Who's Who

Auvray Jacques (†) ILB - 1st treasurer
Boes Roger Manager of the Bowling de Liège
Coune Henri (†) Foundeur of the Bowling Le Strike
Goffin Marcel ILB - 1st President - Honorary President
Louiton Bernard (†)

Assistant Manager of the Bowling de Liège
Founder and motor of the ILB

Thys Joseph (†) 1st Manager of the Bowling Le Strike

Roger Boes

Marcel Goffin

Joseph Thys


Bernard Louiton & Jacques Auvray


Bernard & Christian